On these page, you will find more information on Biodiversité Conseil fields of expertise, as well as, links to our favourites websites, and - marine - applications.

Marine Protected Area

"MPA" is an umbrella definition for protected areas that include some area of marine landscape and/or biodiversity, but each specific area still falls under the methods of categorisation applied to protected areas which is a way of allotting the management tasks for regions which require will conservation of different scope and detail. The IUCN defines a marine protected area as: "Any area of the intertidal or subtidal terrain, together with its overlying water and associated flora, fauna, historical and cultural features, which has been reserved by law or other effective means to protect part or all of the enclosed environment.".

Capacity Building

Capacity development has been identified in many regions and in global assessments on biodiversity conservation as one of the key priorities that needs to be urgently addressed to promote best practices and management performance in protected areas.


Biodiversité Conseil believes that evaluation is only of real value if it helps organisations take stock of what they have achieved and use that information to plan for the future The mid-term reviews give the opportunity to the different partners/stakeholders of a project to re-examine the design of the project in the details. The final evaluations usually document the results achieved; the problems encountered; the lessons learned; and the knowledge gained from carrying out the project. The report describes and evaluates final project outcomes. The final outcomes are then compared to expected results. Biodiversité Conseil provides technical assistance in the development of these evaluations.

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