The survival and well-being of all species require healthy ecosystems, whose conservation depends on long-term, extensive and effective funding. Identifying new sources of funding is a vital component of any organization’s operations.

Biodiversité Conseil helps clients identify potential funding, design fundraising strategies, identify new partnerships or assist in grant writting. BC performs these services for government agencies, and non-government organizations. The services provided include:

  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Partnership Identification and Development

Francis Staub is also a member of the Working Groups on Environmental Funds, on African Environmental Funds Committee and on Protected Areas Financing of the of the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA). The Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) aims to promote sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation worldwide

On-going or recent work implemented

  • Organization of a fundraising event for the French Coral Reef Initiative (IFRECOR)
  • Successful grant application to the Marisla foundation for the World Heritage Marine Programme
  • Successful grant application for the “Pacific Fund” of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for the World Heritage Marine Programme