Event design and technical facilitation

Whether it's an half day worksop, a general meeting, an international symposium, a side event or a training, some times you need a skilled, experienced outsider to come in and add some perspective and structure.

Biodiversité Conseil can manage all aspects of planning, including agenda development, securing speakers and panelists, development of program and event materials, and event logistics, as well as facilitation.

Every project is different, but some of the services we can offer include:

  • Securing Speakers and Panelists
  • Development of Program and Event Materials
  • Event Logistics (planning and administration)
  • Moederatoin and Facilitation

Francis Staub is currently a coach in training with the European Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet Europe), a network of enthousiastic individuals. The mission of CCNet Europe is to improve conservation throughout Europe by empowering people to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies that achieve tangible conservation results.

He is also the the co-author of following guide: "Prepare, conduct and evaluate a training - Practical Guide." This guide is intended for anyone who wants to organize, lead and / or evaluate trainings (from one to several days) for a group of adults. It can be applied to trainings, important meetings, or workshops. The purpose of this guide is to provide practical support to people who organize and facilitate trainings. It stresses the idea that good training is always the result of careful preparation. This guide is based on the practical experiences from several trainers.


  • Co-chair of the the session on "Adaptation – science to action" at a Scientific Workshop on Marine Protected Areas and Climate Change (April 2015).
  • Organisation of a national conference on coral reefs with the participation of 2 ministers.
  • Over the last 15 years, Francis Staub has been involved in the organization of the annual ICRI General Meetings (about 60 international participants).
  • Member of the organization committee for the 3rd (2006) and 4th (2011) International Tropical Management Ecosystems Symposium.
  • Organization of several side events at international summits and conferences:

    • Coral Reefs and Climate Change - Demonstrating the Link between Reef Resilience and Human Well-being - UNFCCC COP (Copenhaguen, 2009)
    • IYOR Side Event at Ramsar COP 10 (Changwon, 2010)
    • ICRI-sponsored event on Coral Reefs at the IUCN WCC Marine Pavilion (Barcelona, 2008)
    • CBD-ICRI Side Event at COP 9 "Marine Biodiversity and the International Year of the Reef" (Bonn, 2008)
  • Development and facilitation of a workshop on Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and communication strategy during the 4th International Meeting of the World Ocean Network “Acting together for the future of the Blue Planet” (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 9-12 May 2010).
  • Organization of the International Year of the Reef symposium (at the Mexican Cultural Institute) and "kick-off" event (at the Wordlbank)
  • Co-chair of the session on “Information and Knowledge Managemeent” at ITMEMS 3 (Cozumzel, October 2006).