Subscription to the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS)

National Biodiversity Strategy:

  • Constitutes the French response to the Convention on Biological
  • Diversity and its strategic plan;
  • Ss linked to the European Biodiversity Strategy;
  • Constitutes one of the challenges of the National Sustainable Development Strategy (SNDD);
  • Is a response to the Grenelle Environment Forum commitments.

Biodiversité Conseil subscribes:

to the vision, mission and governance principles of the National Biodiversity Strategy (2011-2020):


To preserve, restore, reinforce and value biodiversity ensuring sustainable and equitable use.
To involve everyone and every sector of activity, in order to succeed.

And its strategic goals and targets:

Strategic goals

A) Generate the willingness to act in favour of biodiversity
B) Preserve life and its ability to evolve
C) Invest in a common good: our ecological capital
D) Ensure sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity
E) Ensure consistency across policies and the effectiveness of actions
F) Develop, share and promote knowledge

And Biodviersité Conseil decides to:

  • disseminate and promote this strategy and its procedural rules through information and education within our networks and among our partners
  • share the lessons learned from our experiences in promoting biodiversity
  • familiarise ourselves and others with the tools proposed by the strategy in order toinitiate actions;
  • explore, within 18 months, the possibility of and the circumstances for implementing a voluntary declaration of commitment within the framework of our activities and to notify the Ministry of Sustainable Development acting as the NBS Secretariat of our decision.

For more information about the French National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS), visit: National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS)