Task Force On Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures

Subsequent to dedicated meetings at the WPC (2014) and at the WCPA Steering Committee meeting (2015), a Task Force has been established to develop criteria for 'Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures' (OECMs) as referenced in Target 11 of the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity. A call has been made to WCPA members and there is currently a growing membership of diverse and geographically representative individuals.

The Task Force will develop criteria for submission to the CBD Secretariat for consideration by Parties to the CBD. The Task Force will also act as a forum for debate and information exchange about potential OECMs. The terms of reference for the Task Force include the following activities:

  • Evaluate the status of current knowledge on OECMs and ongoing discussions about potential criteria,
  • Prepare an information paper on OECMs, including drawing on case studies of potential OECMs and the deliberations of expert meetings, and
  • Present progress and initial findings at the CBD SBSTTA 20 (April 2016), World Conservation Congress (September 2016) and CBD COP 13 (November 2016).

For further information about Target 11 and OECMs please see: