Biodiversité Conseil (BC) provides technical services related to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. BC's core business is in the development and strategic planning of projects, project facilitation, evaluations. BC has also an extensive experience in Marine Protected Areas, Capacity Building and education and communication.

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(May 2017) 50 Reefs Conservation Meeting

Francis Staub attended the 50 Reefs Conservation Meeting (May 30-31st, 2017) im New York. 50 Reefs seeks to identify and prioritize protection efforts on the coral reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change, and also have the greatest capacity to repopulate other reefs over time. The aim is to catalyze the global action and investment necessary to save this critical ecosystem. The initiative includes three streams of planning and action: Science, Communications and Conservation. Learn more

(May 2017) Great Barrier Reef Summit

Francis Staub attended the Great Barrier Reef Summit (May 2017) in Townsville, Australia. Hosted by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the summit — Managing for resilience— was the first of its kind for the Reef and involved more than 70 leading marine experts from around the world. It was a response to unprecedented back-to-back coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef and aimed at determining what else could be done in addition to the already extensive actions being undertaken to protect the Reef. Learn more

(April 2017) First twinning project gets under way: MPA networks

As an MPA expert for the “Towards a transatlantic partnership of marine protected areas (MPA)” project, Francis Staub attended the first Transatlantic MPA Networks Twinning workshop (Monaco, April 2017). The twinning aims to improve cooperation between networks of marine protected areas in the Atlantic basin, with the objective of strengthening the effective management of MPAs and improving conservation results. Regional MPA networks participating in the twinning project are the Caribbean Marine Protected Areas Managers Network and Forum (CaMPAM), Mediterranean Network of Marine Protected Areas Managers (MedPAN), Regional Network of Marine Protected Areas in West Africa (RAMPAO), and North American Marine Protected Areas Network (NAMPAM). Two national institutions, the French Agency for Biodiversity and the Biodiversity Foundation from Spain, which work with MPA networks on behalf of their governments, also joined the meeting. Learn more

(February 2017) The First Ocean & Climate Initiatives Alliance Conference

On February 22nd 2017, the first conference gathered and initiated collaborations, in Paris, between Ocean and Climate initiatives covering 13 thematics. It associated States (Because the Ocean and other involved States) and organizations involved in ocean and climate thematic for a joint organization of initiatives and their promotion with the international climate community and sponsors. The first OCIA conference was the opportunity for initiatives to meet, to present their ambition for 2017 and identify reflection and joint promotion orientations, prior to defining goals for 2017 and beyond. Francis Staub attended the meeting on behalf of ICRI. Learn more

(December 2016) App of the month: Crowdsource Cleaning the Planet

Join the Litterati - a global community that is eradicating litter one piece at a time. Track your impact as you tag and upload photos of the litter you collect. By combining technology, social awareness and art, we are building the Digital Landfill - a photo gallery showcasing the different pieces of litter being picked up, and the overall impact of the movement. Geo-tagging provides insight into problem areas and highlights the most active Litterati communities. Keyword tags identify the most commonly found brands and products. We'll use this to work with companies and organisations to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. This planet we call home is a big place to keep clean. We all need to play our part. Learn more

(November 2016) The 2016 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

For the second time in the Mediterranean, 300 key players involved in the marine environment meet from 28 November to 1st December 2016 in Tangier, Morocco, to share their experiences, discuss and develop a joint work program to improve, by 2020, the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. Francis Staub attended the Forum. More information

(November 2016) Kick-off workshop for the EU-funded project: Towards a transatlantic partnership of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

A Kick-Off Workshop on 17-18 November 2016 in Brussels for the EU-funded project, ‘Towards a transatlantic partnership of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)’, brought together MPA managers and representatives of governments, regional seas institutions and NGOs from Africa, North and South America and Europe. The two-year project is collecting data about MPAs in the Atlantic Basin and will manage three twinning projects to develop Atlantic partnerships and improve MPA management and exchange of practice between managers. More information

(November 2016) 31st ICRI General Meeting

The 31st General Meeting of the International Coral Reef Initiative was be held from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2016 in Paris, France. During the meeting, the Action plan of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat (2016-2018) was adopted with several other recommendations. More information

(September 2016) Special issue of Aquatic Conservation journal on MPA networks

A special issue of Aquatic Conservation journal on marine protected area networks was published in September 2016, in conjunction with the World Conservation Congress. The issue, entitled Building Networks of MPAs: The Legacy from the 2014 Sydney World Parks Congress , includes 15 peer reviewed articles on a wide range of topics, including one on the Green List (Using the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas to promote conservation impact through marine protected areas), co-authored by Francis Staub. All articles are available for free download.

(May 2016) New contract awarded with the Network of Marine Protected Area Managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN)

The purpose of the contract was to conduct a final evaluation and capitalisation of the Small Projects on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean supported by MedPAN. The main objectives of the contract were to do the final evaluation of each small project funded under the 2014 and 2015 Calls for Small Projects (13 projects), to capitalise on best practices and methods developed by small projects in order to highlight their results among other MPAs in the Mediterranean, and to analyse ways to optimise and improve future Calls for Small Projects. This contract was done with Catherine Gabrié. More information on the small projects

(March 2016) New contract awarded with the Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine conservation in western Africa(PRCM)

The objective of the contract was to develop an analysis of the situation (in terms of funding, stakeholders,...) in the Réserve de Biosphère Transfrontalière du Delta du fleuve Sénégal (Senegal / Mauritania) in order to prepare a logical framework for a new project. This contract was done with Catherine Gabrié.

(March 2016) France and Madagascar: incoming hosts of the ICRI Secretariat 2016-2018

On 1 June 2016, the ICRI Secretariat will be changing hosts, with its reins being passed from Japan and Thailand to France and Madagascar. The Government of France has hosted ICRI twice in the past (1999-2000; 2009-2011) and will become the first Government to host ICRI for a third time. Madagascar is situated in the western rim of the Indian Ocean, and its southwestern coast is home to the third largest coral reef system in the world. Madagascar has been involved with ICRI over the years and will be joining the secretariat team for the first time. Francis Staub will provide technical assistance to the French government for the management of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat. Learn more about ICRI

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